ListarSalud por tema "Anticonceptivos orales"

ListarSalud por tema "Anticonceptivos orales"

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  • Lee, Nancy C.; Rosero-Bixby, Luis; Oberle, Mark W.; Grimaldo Vásquez, Carmen; Whatley, Annes S.; Rovira, Elizabeth Z. (Oxford University Press, 1987)
    By 1981, 11% of married women in Costa Rica ages 20-49 years had used depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) and 58% had used oral contraceptives (OCs). Since 1977, the Costa Rican Ministry of Health has maintained ...
  • Irwin, Kathleen L.; Rosero-Bixby, Luis; Oberle, Mark W.; Lee, Nancy C. (American Medical Association, 1988)
    To examine the relationship between cervical cancer and oral contraceptive (OC) use, we analyzed data from a population-based, case-control study in Costa Rica. Women aged 25 to 58 years in whom cervical cancer was diagnosed ...
  • Stone, Katherine M.; Zaidi, Akbar; Rosero-Bixby, Luis; Oberle, Mark W.; Reynolds, Gladys; Larsen, Sandra; Nahmias, Andre J.; Lee, Francis K.; Schachter, Julius; Guinan, Mary E. (Epidemiology Resources Inc., 1995)
    o explore sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behavior as risk factors for cervical cancer, we analyzed data from a population- based case-control study of breast and cervical cancer in Costa Rica. Data from 415 cases ...
  • Rampey, Alvin H.; Irwin, Kathleen L.; Oberle, Mark W.; Kinchen, Steven; Lee, Nancy C.; Marsden, Anne; Rosero-Bixby, Luis (Elsevier, 1993)
    In case-control studies in which case and control enrollment periods are not identical, exposure status for time-dependent variables is often measured relative to a reference date. Using data from a case-control study of ...

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